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Initial CHU setup

Today, we installed the CHU setup for the first time and we did some calibration tests. You can find Here a description of this setup.

The first installation and tests consisted in :

  • finding the good space configuration for the X-ray C-Arms
  • routing the alimentation/synchronisation cables from the workspace to the acquisition room
  • puting the 8 color cameras of the 4D View Solutions multi-camera system at the right place on the C-Arms handle bars
  • puting the lights at the right places
  • calibrating the multi-cameras system
  • performing an [...]

The Grimage platform : Interaction and Telepresence using Image Based 3D modeling

GrImage – Immersion and telepresence par InriaGrImage

  • Benjamin Petit, Jean-Denis Lesage, Edmond Boyer and Bruno Raffin (INRIA)
  • Abstract: This video presents an immersive environment that allows collaborative and remote 3D interactions. The environment uses multiple camera systems and 3D modeling tools to build, in real time, virtual models of users. Such users can be on distant sites and still share the same virtual environment. Their 3D models are embedded into the virtual environment [...]